Benefits of our CalPlus Bolus

  • Instant release of calcium
  • Each bolus contains 26 grams of calcium, 8 grams of phosphorus
  • Contains 22 135 UI vitamin D3 per bolus for an even better calcium absorption
  • Prevention of calcium deficiency and milk fever
  • Beneficial effects on important health parameters like insemination, culling mastitis, uterine disorders, and lameness.
  • Easy administration: 2 boluses fit in one applicator
  • Acute milk fever treatment: after a calcium infusion to get the cow back on her feet the calcium levels remain low and need to be further increased by administering extra calcium through a calcium bolus

Our calcium bolus CalPlus is a fast-acting calcium supplement designed to solve a calcium deficiency (hypocalcemia) around calving.

This deficiency will cause a lower feed intake and milk production and could potentially lead to (subclinical) milk fever. Especially from the second calving and later cows are sensitive to it.

Improved formula :

  • The amount of calcium is increased by 22%: from 21,3 grams per bolus to 26 grams
  • The amount of phosphorus is increased by 70%: from 4,7 grams per bolus to 8 grams
  • The amount of magnesium is increased by 25%: ¬†from 0,9 grams per bolus to 1,2 grams
  • The vitamin D3 is increased by 30%: from 17 000 UI per bolus to 22 135UI
Dosage around calving
  • 2 CalPlus boluses 12 to 24 hours before calving
  • 2 CalPlus boluses immediately after calving
  • 1-2 CalPlus boluses 10 – 12 hours after calving
  • 1-2 CalPlus boluses 24 hours after calving
Dosage after calcium infusion when the cow is standing up again
  • 2 CalPlus Boluses 2 hours after the infusion
  • 2 CalPlus Boluses 12 hours after the infusion


10*4 BOLUS

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