Dosage and administration :

  • 1 LivaSafe Bolus 10 days before calving
  • 1 LivaSafe Bolus just after calving

Orally with the help of a bolus applicator

Packaging :

Our liver bolus LivaSafe comes in a box of 12 boluses of 70 grams

Expiry date: shelf life of 3 years after the production date

Store dry, protected from extreme temperatures and out of reach of children


Our liver bolus LivaSafe is a fast-acting cattle supplement designed to protect the liver around calving and for cows with a high body condition score (fat cows). In this way, it also helps to prevent ketosis in cows.

Benefits of our LivaSafe Bolus :

  • Rumen-protected ingredients can reach the liver which means their effectiveness is 50 times higher than non-rumen-protected ingredients.
  • The ingredients clean up the liver and stimulate bile production
  • Enhances the breakdown of fat

Why LivaSafe Bolus ?

  • Easy in use
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • No need to give daily supplements
  • No need to calculate supplementary feed
  • Each cow gets the right dose
  • No spilling


10*4 BOLUS

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